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Last Day (July 8) Week 1

     From Dave's Log:  Overcast, some fog. We talked to the people on the Catalina 25 (from Florida) and explored Big Garden Island, which was donated to The Nature Conservancy by Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh. We motored to Rockland (no wind), took showers, did laundry, and walked around the town. Restaurants were crowded because the Blues Festival begins tomorrow. After dinner, I talked to Betty a couple of times about Dennis. Ruth, Dick's wife, and Bob both called to give us updates. Betty confirmed that En Passant had been hauled. Listened to Beethoven's Archduke Trio and Scott Joplin while sipping scotch at the mooring.
     Sat., July 9. Dick, Ed and Terry left Rockland about 7:30 - 8:00 am. Dave waiting on Ken and Sandra to arrive.
Rockland Landmark